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Finance content creator

Ziet is a Malaysian finance content creator with >80,000 social media followers (also a registered Marketing Representative under Securities Commission). He now leads and runs Ziet Media Sdn. Bhd. with an employee size of more than 5 people, covering every aspect of content production from research, writing, editing, post-production and digital marketing.

He is also an affiliate member of renowned financial institutions and fintechs such as Interactive Brokers, Wise, Futu Holdings (Moomoo), M+Global (Malacca Securities), Versa Asia and Rakuten Trade.

Before this, he was a senior analyst for YTL Power International Berhad for 5 years where he handled commercial works which include financial modeling, project management, Mergers & Acquisitions (M&As), and business development in fossil fuel power plants, renewable energy projects, digital financial services (Sea-YTL Digital Bank) and various other corporate ventures.