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Nigel Chong

Founder & Chief Trader,

Nigel Chong is the founder and chief trader at Ncspace Investing and a licensed MR registered person of the Securities Industry Development Corporation (SIDC). Nigel is actively involved in trading within both the KLSE and US stock markets. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Economics and Finance (Honors) from the University of Nottingham, giving him a solid theoretical foundation in financial investment.

Over the past seven years, Nigel has accumulated extensive experience in stock trading, particularly in the realm of momentum and breakout trading. His trading style is heavily influenced by Mark Minervini’s VCP trading method and William O’Neil’s CANSLIM concept. Since 2017, Nigel has been employing this style, successfully maximizing profits by capturing market dynamics and key breakout points.

Nigel is committed to delivering high-quality investment education, sharing his insights and successful strategies from real-world trading experiences, and aspiring to assist more investors in achieving success in the stock market. His dedication and professional expertise have consistently earned him high praise from the investing community.