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Kathlyn Toh

Founder and Chief Trainer,
Beyond Insights

Kathlyn Toh is a professional trader who earns her wealth from investing and trading in the US & global equity markets. She’s also the Founder and Chief Trainer for Beyond Insights where she has coached and trained more than 6,600 investors and traders.

She started her stock trading journey in the KLSE stock market in 1993 and the US Stock Market in 1997. Since then she has traded actively in US Stocks, Options, CFD, Currencies, and Commodity Futures. Kathlyn considered herself fortunate to have experienced the full cycle of the Bull Run, the market crash, the after-crash recovery, the sideway markets, and the high volatility markets which gave her great experience in adjusting her strategy depending on the market conditions.

Passionate about coaching people on trading psychology based on her journey of managing her psychology in trading, Kathlyn invests a lot of time researching and practicing how to break her own trading habits and instill positive ones. She also collects feedback from students about their mindset and helps them devise ways to overcome challenges using the skills she learned from Tony Robbins (on people transformation), Master NLP Practitioner, and Master NLP Coaching.