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Jerry Lee Chee Yeong

FSMOne Assistant Director, Portfolio Management

Jerry is currently FSMOne Assistant Director, Portfolio Management, adeptly overseeing a diverse spectrum of client assets. His expertise extends to conventional portfolios, catering to the mass public and private mandate portfolios designed for esteemed high-net-worth clients.

With a commendable 7-year tenure at FSMOne, he has experienced an enriching evolution from a diligent Research Analyst to his current role as an Assistant Director, Portfolio Management. His roots in finance trace back to his formative years as a Treasury Dealer at Affin Hwang Asset Management, where he navigated the realms of foreign exchange and money market instruments.

Jerry holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance and Investments with first-class honours from Tunku Abdul Rahman University College. Notably, Jerry is a CFA Charterholder, further cementing his prowess in the realm of investment management.

Jerry is also a regular contributor to various media. His insights and market perspectives are frequently sought after, and he regularly shares his expertise on prominent media platforms such as 8TV, BFM Caijin, China Press, Sinchew Daily, and others.