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Jayden Pang

Research Analyst,
Eco Asia Capital Advisory Sdn Bhd

Jayden Pang is a seasoned Research Analyst with a Bachelor of Finance (Hons) and 8 years of extensive experience in the Malaysian stock market. As a certified Capital Markets Services Representative Licence (CMSRL) holder under Eco Asia Advisory Sdn. Bhd., he has demonstrated a keen ability to conduct in-depth market research, perform financial analysis, and provide strategic investment advice. Known for his proficiency in swing trading, Jayden has consistently identified profitable investment opportunities, making him a valuable asset in the financial industry.

Previously, Jayden served as a Research Analyst at Golden Summit, a leading investment education platform in Malaysia. During his tenure, he played a pivotal role in delivering insightful market analysis, educating clients on market dynamics, and offering actionable investment recommendations. His analytical acumen and strategic insights significantly contributed to the company’s reputation for high-quality investment education and advisory services. Jayden’s strong track record of accurate market predictions and sound investment advice underscores his expertise and commitment to excellence in the field of finance.