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Darrel Ang

Co-founder and Chief Business Development Officer,

Darrel Ang has over 12 years’ experience in finance with a diverse background ranging from being a fintech entrepreneur, investment banker, regulator and management consultant. His passion for finance started during university where he graduated from Oxford University with a Master’s in Engineering, Economics and Management.

He is a Co-Founder of CapBay, a leading Supply Chain Finance platform that has funded over RM3 billion helping thousands of SMEs. They have the Peer-to-peer (P2P) financing license from the Securities Commission Malaysia and have partnered with major organisations, banks and institutional investors. They were named one of CNBC’s “Top 200 Global Fintech Companies,” and Darrel received the “EY Emerging Entrepreneur – Malaysia” award.

Prior to CapBay, Darrel worked in the investment banking department for Credit Suisse Singapore raising over US$10 billion through IPOs and placements for clients across Southeast Asia. He also worked as a regulator with Bank Negara Malaysia in the Banking Supervision and Financial Surveillance department.