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Chern Hong

Founder of Abundance Growth Pte Ltd

刘拯穅(Chern Hong)是Abundance Growth Pte Ltd企业咨询和投资教育公司的创办人。他以诙谐独特的教学方式,传授商业和投资知识,辅助社群内逾万名新马学员在股市里进行正规价值投资,助力他们实现长期财富的积累。

刘拯穅同时是获得大马国家银行颁发Financial Advisor (FA)执照的财务规划咨询公司VI FIN的非执行董事。该公司为客户提供定制化的财务保护和资产分配策略与方案,以最大化回报并将风险降至最低。

拥有会计与金融硕士学位的刘拯穅,曾在大马Deloitte事务所担任审计师,以及新加坡8I Holdings担任投资分析师。他在2016年转向投资教育领域,并担任VI College价值投资学院的首席导师,教导数以万计来自全球各地的学员。此外,他曾出任8VI金融教育科技集团的大马执行董事,负责领导公司的教育业务营运及发展战略。




Chern Hong is the Founder of Abundance Growth Pte Ltd, a corporate consulting and investment education company. Renowned for his humorous teaching style, he has mentored over ten thousand students in Singapore and Malaysia in value investing, emphasizing long-term wealth accumulation.

Additionally, Chern Hong serves as a non executive director at VI FIN, a financial planning firm licensed by the National Bank of Malaysia, offering customised strategies for financial protection and asset allocation.

With a Master’s degree in Accounting and Finance, Chern Hong gained valuable experience as an auditor at Deloitte and later as an investment analyst at 8I Holdings. Since 2016, he has held the position of Master Trainer at VI College, where he guided students worldwide in mastering the principles of value investing. As the Executive Director in Malaysia for 8VI Group’s education arm, Chern Hong led the strategic development and operational execution of educational initiatives.

Chern Hong’s expertise has garnered attention from major media outlets, and he is known for producing popular video series such as “百股经Bai Gu Jing,” dedicated to imparting valuable knowledge to novice investors.

His overarching mission is to empower individuals with essential investing skills and cultivate the mindset necessary for achieving financial independence and long-term success.