Invest Fair 2024

Invest Fair Malaysia


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22 June 2024 (Day 1)

Main Stage

10:30am - 10:40amWelcome AddressChristopher Lee
Chief Executive Officer and Director,
AlphaInvest Group
10:40am - 10:50amOpening Address
10:50am - 11:20amGuest Of Honour Address
11:20am - 12:00pmOpening Ceremony, Token Appreciation, Group Photo
12:00pm - 12:45pmPress Conference
12:45pm - 01:15pmLUCKY DRAW
01:15pm - 02:00pmPANEL DISCUSION

What's HOT & What's NOT in 2024?
Mr. Paul Yong Rajan
FSMOne Assistant Portfolio Manager,

Mr. Ong Wei Shin
Head of Dealing,
Moomoo MY

Mr. Chong Jin Yoong
CFA Society Malaysia

Mr. Ng Zhu Hann (Moderator)
Chief Executive Officer,
Tradeview Capital Sdn. Bhd.
02:00pm - 02:45pmInvestment Talk by UOB KayHianUOB Kay Hian
02:45pm - 03:30pmUnderstanding U.S. Market Structure: Empowering Well-informed Investment DecisionsKEYNOTE SPEAKER

Mr. In Cher BOH
APAC Head of Product Management & Support,
Investment Intelligence, Nasdaq
03:30pm - 04:15pmInvestment Talk by FSMOneMr. Jerry Lee Chee Yeong
FSMOne Assistant Director, Portfolio Management,
04:15pm - 05:00pmPANEL DISCUSSION

New Bitcoin All Time High!!! What's next for Crypto?
Mr. Liew Ooi Hann
Founder & Chief Executive Officer,
Halogen Capital
05:00pm - 05:45pmInvestment Talk by CGS InternationalCGS International
05:45pm - 06:30pmPANEL DISCUSSION

MONEY MAXIMIZER : The Power of Leverage
Bursa Malaysia Derivatives
06:30pm - 07:15pmInvestment Talk 1
07:15pm - 08:00pmTrading Workshop by Bursa DerivativesDVTC

22 June 2024 (Day 1)

Side Stage

01:00pm - 01:30pmDiscover the World of Structured WarrantsYapp Chun Hao Aaron
Senior Associate, Equity Derivatives,
Affin Hwang Investment Bank
01:30pm - 02:00pmInvestment Talk by LunoLuno
02:00pm - 02:30pmBeyond Traditional Investing: Unveiling the World of WarrantsMr. Choong Kum Kie
Equity Derivatives Sales,
02:30pm - 03:00pmSME Debt Investment: Earn Returns While Helping Local SMEs GrowMs. Melissa Sinn Keng Man​
Senior Manager, Customer Experience,
Funding Societies
03:00pm - 03:30pmHealth is Wealth! Diving Deep into Asia's Thriving Healthcare Real Estate with First REITTan Kok Mian Victor
Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director of First Reit
03:30pm - 04:00pmInvestment Talk Bursa
04:00pm - 04:30pmInvestment Talk 2
04:30pm - 05:00pmPANEL DISCUSSIONTokenize
05:00pm - 05:30pmInvestment Talk 4
05:30pm - 06:00pmInvestment Talk 5
06:00pm - 06:30pmBuilding Our Portfolio for Financial IndependenceHazelle Soon

Chief Trainer, The Joyful Investors
06:30pm - 07:00pmInvestment Talk 7

23 June 2024

Main Stage

10:30am - 11:15amInvestment Talk by Bloomberg Intelligence, BloombergKEYNOTE SPEAKER

Mr. Kumar Gautam
Quantitative Equity Strategist,
Bloomberg Intelligence, Bloomberg
11:15am - 12:00pmPANEL DISCUSSION

Unlocking Fintech's Potential: A Roadmap for Malaysian Retail Investors
12:00pm - 12:45pmInvestment Talk 1
12:45pm - 01:15pmThe US is bound by BOND-age and the effectsKenny Yee
Head of Research, Rakuten Trade
01:15pm - 02:00pmLUCKY DRAW
02:00pm - 02:45pmPANEL DISCUSSION

Navigating the Waves of Malaysia's Property Market in 2024: A Long-Term Game
02:45pm - 03:30pmInvestment Talk by AiroMr. Sho Toh Yih Jang
Chief Executive Officer,
CP Global Fintech Solutions
03:30pm - 04:15pmInvestment Talk by BursaBursa
04:15pm - 05:00pmInvestment Talk by AHAM Asset ManagementAHAM Asset Management
05:00pm - 05:45pmInvestment Talk by HalogenMr Liew Ooi Hann, CFP, CFA
Founder & Chief Executive Officer,
Halogen Capital
05:45pm - 06:30pmInvestment Talk by MooMooMr. Ahmad Fidaudin
Senior Dealer, Moomoo MY
06:30pm - 07:15pmPANEL DISCUSSION

Fostering AI Advancements for Malaysia
07:15pm - 08:00pmTrading Workshop by Bursa DerivativesDVTC

23 June 2024

Side Stage


10:30am - 11:00am
Investment Talk 1
11:00am - 11:30amLevel Up Your Game with SMARTRobie: Unlock the Secrets to Winning in Stock MarketMartin Wong
Co-founder of TradeVSA System Sdn Bhd
11:30am - 12:00pmNavigating the 2H 2024 MarketLew Chee Hao
Head of Retail Research, Equity Research of AmInvestment Bank
12:00pm - 12:30pmInvestment Talk 2
12:30pm - 01:00pmLunch Break
01:00pm - 01:30pmInvestment Talk by capbaycapbay
01:30pm - 02:00pmInvestment Talk 4
02:00pm - 02:30pmInvestment Talk 5
02:30pm - 03:00pmIntroduction to Bond and SukukMr. Aminuddin Jamil
Senior Manager,
Research & Business Development,
BIX Malaysia
03:00pm - 03:30pmInvestment Talk 6
03:30pm - 04:00pmInvestment Talk 7
04:00pm - 04:30pmInvestment Talk 8
04:30pm - 05:00pmInvestment Talk 9
05:00pm - 05:30pmInvestment Talk 10
05:30pm - 06:00pmInvestment Talk 11
06:00pm - 06:30pmInvestment Talk 12
06:30pm - 07:00pmInvestment Talk 13